Welcome to Somers Environmental Products Inc.

For 25 years Somers Environmental Products has exceeded the expectations of our loyal customers and the manufacturers we represent. As a manufacturer’s representative for commercial and industrial HVAC products we are proud of the hand’s-on approach we take to supporting each product line that we represent by building and maintaining strong relationships with engineers, contractors and end users.

Somers Environmental Products is a manufacturer's representative for HVAC products serving Southern Ontario since 1993.

Customer Service
Somers Environmental Products prides itself on the ability to help our customers in an efficient and friendly manner.

Technical Support

Somers Environmental Products’ experienced team of professionals, in conjunction with industry leading manufacturers’ have the competence to offer our customers assistance in the following areas:

  • Product Selections & Specifications
  • Project Submittals
  • After Sales Product Support


Somers Environmental Products’ London warehouse has a large inventory of products in the following categories:

  • Category I, II, III & IV Venting
  • Air Distribution (grilles, registers & diffusers)
  • Actuators
  • Radiant Heaters & Parts
  • Fans & Ventilators

2018 marked the 25th Anniversary of Somers Environmental Products

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