Somers Environmental Venting

We carry numerous venting types ranging from B-type vent to industrial-vent and everything in between. Our list of BH / S636 venting materials includes stainless steel (AL294C), polypropylene, PVC, and CPVC. For industrial applications (such as steam boilers, diesel generator exhaust, etc.) we offer double-wall insulated or non-insulated stainless steel (304 or 316). To help ensure that every venting job is successful, we offer the following support:

Our vent stock includes the most common sizes of our AL294C product and can be shipped anywhere in Southern Ontario within one day. Non-stock items can be quick shipped in 7 business days

Venting Sizing
Using our ASHRAE®-based computer sizing program we can size your venting project quickly and accurately.

Engineered Systems
Complicated venting systems are our specialty. We can help you design the best, most cost-effective system for your situation.

Site Support and Submittals
Before an order is placed we will help to verify on-site dimensions and provide an accurate submittal package.

For more information about our venting products give us a call or download our venting brochure.

Download our Venting Brochure

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